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Specialising in embedded microprocessor design.

Multidrop Networked Controllers - in many of these applications, there is a requirement to provide communication from multiple 'Head' Units, back to a PC or dedicated hardware 'Base' Unit.
Over the years we have developed a set of generalised protocols to allow the transfer of control information, feedback data and network monitoring statistics.

Bespoke Windows Interfaces - many applications transfering data to a PC require a user interface, to display the data in a specific way, and to provide control settings.

Key Fob Doorlock Door Access Control System

Brooks Intelligent Light Level Sensors - Used extensively at the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, National Museum of Wales, and at the Getty Center, Los Angeles

Door Access System
 Following the closure of EBF Card Systems in 2008, you can now get support for your
 Doorman 3000 System direct from us, click here for more info

Flame Photometry

Video Arcade Machines

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging

Inspection Vehicles

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Currently the site just contains some brief project details and software updates:

EBF Doorman 3000 - Door Access Software Demo + System Support Information

Light Sensor Calibration Software

Drivers for various Projects/Products

Updated 9th March 2017

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